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  Institute  of Ancient Chinese History:
   The research focus in this institute is on the development  of Chinese history from the prehistoric era through 1840 focusing on the  fundamental regularities. It includes the politics, society and ideological  trends before the Qin Dynasty; the ideology, cultures and societies of  the Wei, Jin, Sui, and Tang Dynasties; the politics and cultures of the  Song Dynasties the economic history of the Song, Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynasties;  and the foreign relationships and societies during the Ming QingDynasties.

    Institute of Modern Chinese History:

  This institute's research focus is on the conditions  and laws during the development of Chinese history from 1840 to today.  It includes the modern history (1840-1919) of China; the modern Christian  history of China; the modern Shandong and the history of People's Republic  of China.

   Institute  of Historic Theory:
   Research here is directed at the forming, developing and directing  the functions of Marxist History, the conditions of historic theory and  historic research from antiquity to today, and the history of standpoints  and values concerning various kinds of sects in the western world.
 Institute  of World History:
   The research emphasis in this institute is on the conditions and laws  of the development of world history from the prehistoric era to today.  It includes the ancient World history, the middle ages of World Germany  history, the American history, the Canadian history and the history of  Soviet Union.

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