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As a history school in a famous university with a history of more than 100 years ,we have established broad academic contacts and cooperations with universities and researching institutes from home and abrosd.
  Located in the state of QiLu, hometown of Confucius and Mencius ,Shandong University has long been "good at Literature and History studies" .We benefit from this a lot .Based on advantages of geography and academy ,we have successively established academic co operations with more than 30 countries and regions ,such as the US,Japan and Korea.We have set up Korea Research Center ,Canadian Research Center and Overseas Chinese Research Center.Some famous scholars are invited to be our guest professors, including Prof.Duweiming and ZhouXirui from the US, Prof XuNaili and XiePeizhi from Canada, and Academician ZhangYufa ,Doc. GongZhongkang from HongKong and TaiWan. Annals of Writing Annals of Education Annals of People,three volumes of General Annals of Shandong Province in the Replic of China ,which is directed by Academician Zhang , have been published in 2002.They were written separately by three of our professors .
   History of China Taoist Science and Technology-Volume of Han Wei has been published in April ,2002.It is one of the key projects of national social and scientific fund. Our professor Jiang Sheng is the chief complier .Several world famous scholar s such as Prof.Sivin (from the US)lead the act of advisers.Doc.tang weixia ,from HongkongYuanXuan College acts as its patron and vice compiler.This monumental work ,containing 1.4 millionwords attracted great attentions .Its following three volumes with a proximate wordage of 5 million are now under researched and written preparation.
   In the recent three years, professors (including Jiang Sheng, Fang Hui, Wang Yuji, Chen Shangsheng, Lu Yao, Liu Tianlu, Yu Haiguang, Luan Fengshi, Ren Xianghong, Li Wei) of our department have been to Harvard,Munich University as well as England,Japan, Korea and Canada to do some academic communications. Meanwhile, several faculty members and students have experienced overseas study.

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