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History curriculum was set up at the beginning of Shan Dong Grand Academy founded by government (in Ji”nan) in 1901.
  The discipline of history was greatly developed in Ji”nan Shan Dong University founded by province (1920 later),Qing’dao Shan Dong University(1930 later) and Lin”Yi AntiJapanese Base—Area Shan Dong University.
  During the 1940s and 1950s,scholar Yang Xingkui held a concurrent post of the dean of departments of literature and history.In the 1950s and 1960s,the deparment of history became independent,when it had famous “Eight Professors” such as Yan Xiangkui ,Tong Shuye, Wang Zhonglu and many distinguished scholars including Ding Shan ,Zhao Jibin,Wu Dakun,, Xu Siyuan, Liu Dunyuan, Han Lian qi, Sun Sibai , Hua Shan and Pang Pu. They established Literature,History and Philosophy (scholar Yang Xiangkui was the first editor),which gained great fame-----“Be good at literature and history” for Shan Dong University at high level of research achievements.
  After bachelor degree was put into practice in the 1980s, the department of history owned the first programmes for doctor's degree and postgraduate’s degree which were examined and approved by the State Council. Many young academic talents were fostered by senior scholars such as Wang Zhoulu, Zhang Weihua, Zheng Hesheng, Han Lianqi, Liu Dunhou and Tian Changwu. Besides this, many middle---age professors became renowned scholars in every field of research. In the early 1980s, Zhang Weihua(the first one on the right),Zheng Hesheng(the second one on the right),Wang Zhonglu(the third one on the right),Han Lianqi(the fourth one on the right),Liu Dunyuan(the first one on the left) and the dean of department-------Ge Maochun (the second one on the left)were gathered.
  In the 1980s, Archaeology, Ancient History of China, Modern History of China, history of Sino-foreign relations, Economic History and the Theory of History in Shan Dong University had a high rank in academic circles. Especially the research on History of Wei,Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties made by Wang Zhonglu ,Zheng Peixin,Chen Zhian and the research on Boxer movement made by Lu Yao,Kong Linren, Li Desheng and Lu Jingqi had a great influence on the domestic and abroad academic circles.

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